Thank You

to everyone who attended for making the One World Festival OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! More than 4000+ people came together and celebrated as ONE. We will be sharing event highlights soon. 

We were humbled and honored to receive so many positive comments. A few are listed below:

  • I wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful event.  I love all the warmth and positivity in the room. I can only image how much time, energy, and love it took to pull it off.
  • That was a GREAT success! So many of my coworkers were there and enjoyed it thoroughly! Congratulations!
  • Wonderful event yesterday. I hope you felt energized by the strong turnout and engagement.  Nice to feel that spirit so loud and clear in Lancaster.
  • We had such a blast at the One World Festival yesterday! We made really meaningful connections and felt like it was such a great event! I loved the dancing and music performances, great people and vendors, our booth traffic was great, and my kids had a wonderful time.
  • The event was wonderful and it was so nice to see it well-attended and so representative of the diversity of our community. Bravo!  
  • Many thanks to you and the committee. It was a great day!
  • Thanks so much for the great opportunity. My students really enjoyed getting this opportunity to perform and everyone was amazed how cool the one world festival event was.  I look forward to doing this again.
  • Thanks for today. It was WONDERFUL. So many enjoyed and it so nice to be together with others of all backgrounds.
  • I wanted to congratulate you on a wildly successful ‘One World’ event. I know it was quite the undertaking. There was just an amazing energy at the event. Thank you to all of you for uniting and connecting our community!

The One World Festival was born out of a beautiful coincidence, when on September 22, 2018, three vastly different cultures, Hispanic, Asian Indian, and Africans were being celebrated on the same day in different locations around the county. One of the attendees brought that to the attention of the Asian Indian Festival planner, Deepa Balepur, who reached out to the other two, and eventually other local ethnic groups. The seed for the One World Festival was now planted.

The initial planning groups are from the Asian Indian, Greek, Latin/Hispanic, African, Irish, German, Italian and Jewish communities. We anticipate and hope to add more as the Festival grows.

The One World Festival allows us to share our common values and uniqueness on one day, and in one place. Acceptance of one another’s traditions is a choice, and we in the Lancaster County community are joyfully proclaiming our intention to do just that.

Come join us. Give us your hand!


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